Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

Welcome back to St. Joe’s!! I am so happy to see everyone again and am ready for another great year.

Here is a quick look into what we will be doing in computer class over the next few weeks:

Kindergarten: We will be working on mouse control. Students will learn how to click, double-click and click and drag. Students will be challenged to be very precise in where they click. This is not easy for little hands and it may seem surprising how long it takes some students to learn basic mouse skills. We work on these skills mostly by drawing different pictures in Microsoft Paint.

First Grade: We will be fine-tuning mouse skills and learning how to select, copy and paste in Microsoft paint.

Second Grade: We will be reviewing how to select, copy and paste in Microsoft Paint. Get ready to see pumpkin patches with many pumpkins that look exactly the same!

Third and Fourth Grade: Students will learn how to upload photos into an online photo editor (LunaPic) and manipulate their photos in many interesting ways. We will use LunaPic to create a mural that matches the school theme for the year, “I am the Light of the World”.

Fifth through Seventh Grade: Students will learn how to “mash-up” different kinds of software in order to create a picture that matches the school theme (see above). Students will use Microsoft Office, Paint, LunaPic and PicMonkey to create a photo that will contribute to the mural.

Eighth Grade: Students will be working on their photography projects for art class during their computer class time. They will be uploading their photos to Microsoft Office, LunePic, PicMonkey and editing the pictures as required for art class. Students will upload their photos into their Google Drive and share the files/folders with Mrs. Breen.




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Wishing you a magnificent summer!

It has been another great year! Students in all grades have done impressive coursework in coding. You would be amazed at what the kindergartners can do on Code.org!

It is so gratifying to watch the students explore, learn, grow and achieve. Many times I will walk around the TRC, watching students work their way through the coding curriculum and spontaneously shout out “I did it!”

I am looking forward to a summer filled with sports, travel, relaxing, spending time with family and exploring new technology to enhance student learning.

Your children are incredible!

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Happy New Year!

Happy new Year St. Joseph families! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing vacation. I am excited to be back at St. Joe’s and am looking forward to some of our upcoming technology updates:

  1. iPad Management software coming soon: We will be using a new mobile device management software for managing the school’s iPads. This will streamline the updating of devices and also add new teacher features to classroom management of devices. This will be huge upgrade from our current system of managing the iPads.
  2. We are looking into new software for keyboarding for the students. Ideally, the students will be able to practice keyboarding online at home so that they can have daily, consistent keyboarding practice in grades 5-8.

Classroom projects:

5th -8th Grade:

The students will be working on their art history projects in computer class. This will entail research, learning public speaking skills, videotaping strategies and using the augmented reality app Aurasma to bring a work of art to life.

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What we’re up to….

Are you the parent of a junior high student at St. Joe’s? If so, you probably already know that they have been working hard on movie trailers for books that they read in Language Arts.  The students have been busy writing the scripts, organizing the various tasks for the project, filming, editing and putting it all together in iMovie on their iPads.

The fifth graders have been working on creating movies for Spanish. They are working with partners to create Spanish tutorials.

The 2nd through 4th graders have been working on a project based on the book, “A Bad Case of Stripes”. They interviewed a classmate to learn about his/her fears, unique traits, an strengths. They then took that information and created a photo-picture of their friend in the style of “A Bad Case of Stripes”.

Here is an example:IMG_0138I am always amazed at the talent of the St. Joseph students!

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Technology Update

We are currently in our second year of our iPad program. Students in grades 2-8 are all using  iPads  in the classroom. Grades 5-8 are 1 to 1 ( 1 iPad per student) and students in grades 2-4 are 2 to 1 (2 students per iPad).

The students and teachers have all enthusiastically embraced the iPads and are using them to augment what they are learning in the classroom. Some of the apps we are currently using are Book Creator, Socrative and iMovie.

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Welcome to St. Joseph Technology.

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